Handbook of Digital Imaging

Table of Contents

Note that the titles are subject to change and may be combined or sub-divided in consultation with the Editors in Chief  and/or Associate Editors as final chapter headings are decided. All titles have been given their unique ID (hdixxx) for cross-referencing purposes. 

Volume 1 Image Capture and Storage

Image Capture and Storage

Digital versus Analog Imaging [hdi005] 

Digital Imaging [introduction to image processing] [hdi001]

Optics for Image Sensors [hdi002]   

Imaging Sensors [hdi006]       

Color Reproduction  [hdi003]             

Compression and Storage File Formats  [hdi010]      

Image Quality Concepts [hdi004]                                                                     

Image Simulation [hdi012] 

Multispectral Imaging [hdi014]

Glare [hdi072]

Volume 2 Image Display and Reproduction 

Image Display and Projection 

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) [hdi018]

Plasma Display Panel (PDP) [hdi019]

Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLED) [hdi022]

Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) and Digital Light Processing (DLP) [hdi020]

Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) [hdi021]

Electroluminescent Displays (EL) [hdi065]

Touch panel displays [hdi067]

Harcopy Technology 

Electrophotography [hdi024]

Toner Technology [hdi025]

InkJet Engines [hdi026]

InkJet Technologies [hdi027]

The Future of Digital Printing [hdi028]

Electronic Paper [hdi056]

Halftoning and Physical Evaluation 

Basics of tone reproduction [hdi033]

Digital Halftones [hdi034]

Measurement of Color Halftone [hdi035]

Models for Halftone Tone Reproduction 

Fundamentals of optics and light-matter interaction [hdi062]    

Base models for color halftone reproduction  [hdi051]  

Approach based on PSF and MTF [hdi052]

Probability model [hdi053]    

Monte-Carlo Simulation [hdi054]

 Spectral prediction model for multilayer specimens [hdi055]


Volume 3 Imaging System Applications

Media Imaging

Digital Cinematography [hdi039]

Single-Sensor Imaging Devices: an Overview [hdi057]

Blue-Ray versus Internet Movies [hdi058]

TV Display technology and video processing [hdi068]

Digital TV [hdi060]

Free-viewpoint 3DTV: system architecture, rendering techniques and perceptual improvements [hdi069]

Experiences in Using Semantic Technologies for providing added-value services in Digital TV [hdi070]

Physical Content Distribution vs. Delivery from the Cloud [hdi071]

Remote Imaging

Earth Missions [hdi041]

Astrophysical Missions [hdi043]

Planetary Missions [hdi074]

Medical and Forensic Imaging

Digital Photo Forensics  [hdi044]

Robotic Medical Imaging [hdi046]

Volumetric Medical Imaging  [hdi047]

Novel medical imaging modalities [hdi073]

Digital Microscopy [hdi064]

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