Handbook of Digital Imaging


Welcome to the Handbook of Digital Imaging

The Handbook of Digital Imaging (HDI) will present a coherent, authoritative reference for modern digital imaging. The Handbook is primarily aimed at engineers and designers in the dynamic global imaging and display industries which comprise the ‘imaging chain’, from source (image acquisition) to destination (image print/display). The contents will cover all aspects of digital imaging including optics, sensors, quality, control, color encoding and decoding, compression, projection, and display. Wiley has already published an extensive and well-received list of books and handbooks on these topics, including through our continuing collaborations with the SID and the IS&T.

The Handbook will be published in 3 print volumes, with subsequent online publication via Wiley InterScience. It will contain approximately 60 articles, highly-illustrated in color, organized thematically for enhanced usability. Most entries will each be roughly 30 printed pages long.

There will be 9 sections. The name of your Volume Editor(s) will be included in your Contributor Agreement.

a.         Image Capture and Storage

b.         Image Display and Projection

c.         Hardcopy Technology

d.         Halftoning and Physical Evaluation

e.         Models for halftone tone reproduction

f.          Media Imaging

g.         Remote Imaging

h.         Medical and Forensic Imaging

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